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What makes a band the band for you? What makes you dedicate time, money and love toward them? What do they do to capture your attention so thoroughly and keep you coming back for more? For a lot of us, this is something easy to explain; fairly straightforward and acceptable in its detail. But for Eve and myself, this is really just to broad an inquiry. We can't give you just a brief explanation of this, because there's too much to tell.

The plain and short of it is, UVERworld has completely swallowed us whole.

If you're visiting core ability +81, I assume it's because you, too, are completely taken with this band. You know this feeling very well and probably can relate. With 12 singles and 3 albums under their belt, UVERworld is rapidly growing in popularity and so, too, is our love. It's fantastic to know that more and more people are coming to understand how wonderful this band truly is and we can only hope to share in this experience with all of you.

If you're new to UVERworld and are looking to discover more about them - well, we're probably not the place for you. Being partnered with means we are fortunate enough to link you to a much more detailed source of information, but also allows us to be a bit more personable. If you're looking for lots of gushing on your maintainer's feelings for UVERworld, well you'll find plenty of that here. And when you discover just how much you've fallen for this group and need a place to express that, we are gladly waiting to welcome you with open arms.

UVERworld is the band that changed our lives. Now, it's time to show them how much.

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