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dear visitor, you have stumbled upon core ability +81, the TFL approved fanlisting for the amazingly talented UVERworld, the greatest band to grace the music industry in the history of ever. This fanlisting is currenly maintained by Marie and Evelyn, with many thanks to Audrey & Janice for granting us such a huge honor. Words will probably never be enough to express how much this means to us.

At core ability +81, you'll find several links to fellow UVERworld fanlistings, some mindless blathering by your two hostesses and access to, the most comprehensive English UVERworld fansite on the interwebs. Since we don't want to bore you with details that you could find at that prettier site, we will highly recommend that you check them out, if you're looking for any information pertaining to the band that you don't see here.

twelth single: hakanaku mo towa no kanashi

Please enjoy your stay, have a look around, and definitely join if you're a fan of this absolutely amazing band, to show your support. UVERworld is a fantastic group that deserves all the support we can muster, so please don't hesitate to show how much you love them too!


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